Saturday, May 23, 2009

The View's Hot Topics - Hit Rock Bottom

I taped The View yesterday morning because I saw an advertisement that the women were going to discuss "Hot Topics" today... I thought that it could be interesting.. I had no idea what the "Hot Topics" were... I wish I had and I would never had bothered...Here are the "Hot Topics"

Is He Having An Affair? - Let's glorify Sarah J. Symonds who just wrote a book called "A Handbook for the "other woman". Sarah has admitted to having affairs with many famous married men.. When asked if she felt bad for the wives of the men she had cheated with she said, "I didn't know these women so how could I? It's hurts to be involved with a married man because he won't leave his wife and I recommend for a woman not to seek a married man, but if they do... don't fall in love.. because it can be devastating." She also said that cheating is in a man's DNA....

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - I am a housewife and most of my friends are housewives and we look nothing like these women and we act nothing like these women. The New Jersey housewives are NOT real housewives.. Real housewives are not being filmed for a reality show... they are taking care of their husbands and children... a real housewife's prime focus is her family and not herself.... That being said.... I thought this segment was really dumb.... especially when one of the moms said how proud she was of her son who works several different jobs and works sixteen hour days and his dream is to open a car wash/strip joint and not go to college....... Yep, I bet that's every mom's dream for her son... Below is a short clip of the show.. Are they typical in your opinion?

The New Documentary "Outrage" - To Out Gay Politicians - The goal of this documentary directed by Kirby Dick is to out all the "hypocrite gay politicians that vote against gay issues" I think Whoopi Goldberg was so disgusted that she had very few words. Below is a preview of the documentary - What do you think?

Oral Sex Is The New Goodnight Kiss - Author Sharlene Azam spent four years with young teens and discussed their sexual activities - instead of helping the teens or getting the parents involved - this author wrote a book promoting their behavior... Sharlene says girls as young as eleven years old are selling their virginity for money and it starts by them giving oral sex in the elementary school boys' bathroom for math homework.... Girls are saying that holding hands is more intimate than giving oral sex.... Warning sign your daughter is giving oral sex - If your eleven year old or junior high age daughter is dating an older boy in high school or college chances are they are active in more mature activities... Of course, my first thought was huh? Why would a parent allow their young daughter to date Period..... I'm asking you... when did parents shop parenting and another thought is what parent would allow a strange woman talk to their kids about sex...?

My thoughts on The View.. they have really hit the bottom - next thing you know, they'll have audience members fighting with guests like on the Jerry Springer Show..


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Oh My Goodness Kelly...

We quit watching TV 2+ yrs ago. No working TV in our house. We do watch DVD movies and the like.

I'm sorry you had to be exposed to that rubbish on The View.

It was great to have you stop by my blogs and leave your mark. It means a lot to me to bless people.

I'll follow your blog. It seems like a great place.

Please stop by anytime.

Love & hugz,

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

Thank you for commenting, Kelly. I love your blog, here, and I'm following you, now.

I'm off to check out the two blogs you have going. How do you keep up with it all? I'm impressed!


Andrea said...

I am thankful I did NOT waste my time watching it. I rarely watch tv and if I do it is animal planet or something like that.

Juls said...

Oh wow! Those are "quite" the Hot Topics... Having 2 daughters myself, I was so shocked at the last one. OMG!

Thank you for stopping by my blog-- I definitely enjoyed yours. Will be back soon!


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