Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kelly's Idea #221

I was at the beach the other day and was amazed on how much litter is out there.... Wondering why people can't put their cups and food wrappers in the trashcans... they are cans everywhere!!!
Sunday - will be family day at the beach.... Taking my kids and a few of their friends... taking a bunch of green trash bags.... and we are going to pick up trash... and for fun rinse off in the Pacific Ocean... and come home and take a shower....
The crying Indian gets me every time.....


KC Mom said...

I haven't seen that commercial in years! I'm always disgusted with how much trash there is everywhere. Do people really just throw it out or do you think some of it blows out of trash cans?

Andrea said...

GOD bless you for trying to make a difference. My husband and I always pick up others trash as we walk on the beach. How anyone could knowingly harm GOD's creation is beyond me. I just dont get it.


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