Friday, May 8, 2009 - Try It You'll Love It!

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One of my favorite places to shop is
I have bought cameras, movies, bedding, and many other things. The prices are less expensive than in the stores and shipping is only $2.95 per order... That's it! They carry everything you can imagine.. sports equipment, furniture, video games, and much much more... and shipping is just $2.95! You CANNOT beat this. I still love Ebay for selling all my old clothes and videos...but is where I buy my fun things. Last Christmas, I purchased majority of my families gifts off of and everyone was extremely happy. Each daughter received a camera and reconditioned IPODs they could not tell the difference but my wallet did...
Take my advise and try it out..... I am sure you'll be a fan just like me. In today's tough financial times, it's nice to be able to get a good deal... for the shipping cost of $2.95 for the ENTIRE ORDER! Happy stocking!

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