Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show Your Love - Stop Smoking Today

Kelly's Idea Number 471

Quit Smoking Today - if not for you... for your loved ones.... My dad died because he smoked.. I look at my husband's dad Darrell who is one year older than my dad and Darrell is full of life... He golfs often, he plays often, he travels often, and he is living....daily.

I quit smoking three years ago... I went to the dentist for oral surgery and my blood pressure was 200/110 and I was only 40 years old... I came home, got on my knees and prayed for God to take away my want of tobacco, and threw my full pack in trash.... and never looked back.. I used to smoke two packs a day since high school! My mom quit smoking after over fifty years and she looks very good today and her cough is GONE!

Listen to the video above. The song is a very powerful story of a man and his habits... and while lying on his deathbed he is full of regret....

Show someone you love them TODAY... Throw the pack away and Live.... and if you don't smoke and there is someone you love that does.... send them this post... show your loved one - They are loved..

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Andrea said...

GOD bless you for surrendering this to the LORD. He is faithful to heal and restore. My husband quit smoking over 30 years ago and I am very thankful. He is a witness to those who struggle with the addiction b/c he can share his own struggle and why he made the choice to quit. You now have a testimony God will use for the rest of your life to help others. Thank you for sharing. andrea


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