Friday, May 15, 2009

Kelly's Favorite Vacation Spot #2

Glenwood Spring, Colorado

Last summer my daughters and I took an All Girl road trip... It was awesome.. We could take as many potty breaks as we wanted too.... The girls watched their movies in the back with headphones and I listened to my "chic" books on tape....The hotel room TV only came on to watch "girl friendly" TV... no wild kingdom.. no Discovery channel, and yes no Jeopardy.... (sorry honey)
One of my favorite stops was Glenwood Springs, Colorado.. If you have not been there.... you gotta to go. We stayed at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge. The Lodge is famous for their hot springs pool - the largest in the world.. The main pool is larger than three football fields and the temperature is 90 degrees year round.. (even in the winter snow) and the "hot" tub which also was huge is around 103 degrees... When you walk into the pool area, you are immediately hit with the smell of sulphur... but that smell either goes away quickly or I just got used to it...
Doc Holiday had heard about the hot springs and believed that they had healing powers.. unfortunately they did not for him and he passed away.. There is a short but nice hike up to his memorial close to the Lodge.
The Lodge itself is really nothing to write home about.. There is no room service, bell captain service, and no restaurant. I thought the staff was very rude and thankfully - once I discovered they were not helpful in anyway whatsoever - I just did things myself... like carry a one hundred pound piece of luggage down two stories all the way to my car.. and a cooler stocked with bottled water.... by MYSELF.... my kids sucked it up and carried their own bags....
We enjoyed going to the Hotel Denver to enjoy our meals at the Brew Pub restaurant. It had great food, great prices, and their french fries for the kids were smiley faces... Loved it.
Down the street from the Lodge is The Adventure Park... now this place is spectacular in every sense of the word... You need to take a gondola up to the top of the mountain (7100 ft up) - I am deathly afraid of heights...but the view was breathtaking... the Colorado River running down the middle of the valley below....words cannot describe.. Up at the top there are several cave tours.. You can take the regular walking tour or you can go deep into the caves with a lighted helmet and crawl through small crevices.. your choice.. We went on a walking tour in the "fairies caves". It's a great place for the kids with many attractions.. bungee jumping, panning for fossils, rock climbing, and many other things..
The restaurant had a panoramic view of the entire valley and the food was your basic hamburgers and hot very reasonable prices..
In addition to the Adventure Park - there are some great hiking trails you can take up to lakes and waterfalls.. There is also river rafting half day and full day trips down the rapids on the Colorado River....
One funny story.... before we came to Glenwood Hot Springs - I found a web cam of the pool on the computer. I figured out where it was and made a computer web cam date with my husband. So here we are me and my two girls waving like crazy to a big spiral slide... and people walking by like we were nuts.... the husband loved it!

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Annalisa201 said...

I used to live 40 min from Glenwood Springs - almost got a job there but I decided against the commute. I met my husband there. Juicy Loosy's is the best resteraunt in town, with melt-in-your-mouth steak - I didn't know steak could melt, but it did! Anyway... I LOVE Glenwood too :)


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