Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kelly's Favorite Vacation Spot #1

The most incredible place I have ever been is the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.. This place is a tropical paradise... We stayed there for a week and still wasn't able to do all the things we wanted... I live in California and there are some pretty amazing aquariums here but nothing like what they have at Atlantis... they beat Sea World hands down... The world's largest manta ray in captivity is in one of the aquariums at Atlantis.. along with hundreds of sharks and lobsters chasing each other along the sand... reminded me of a Red Lobster "lobster fest" commercial.. wanted to jump into the tank and grab some dinner..
In the middle of the resort is the King of water parks.... a seven story slide in the middle of an Aztec pyramid... Check out the picture of Nikki - the kid is fearless... there were grown men who turned around at the top of the slide.....There were some great inter tube slides as well... and as you are floating through caves and tunnels you come out into a Plexiglas tube and there are sharks swimming all around you...under you... above you.... it's breathtaking... My favorite water activity was the lazy river... I plopped on an inter tube got a diet coke..and just floated around the property...I lost count on how many pools they also had..
Atlantis is located on its own island called Paradise Island.... The beaches are spectacular.. the water is a blue like nothing I had ever seen before.... so warm...and clear.. We were riding on a boat to a private island and I could see all the way to the bottom.... We had fun snorkeling in the small bay inside the resort and collecting baby jellyfish...too small to really hurt...but fascinating to watch.
Everywhere you go in Atlantis there is something new to see.. small little ponds with sting rays.. touch tanks... caves.... lush tropical plants... beautiful tropical birds..
The night life is nice too. The grounds are lit up beautifully and for the gambler there is a HUGE casino... I was lucky last trip... I received $20 in free play and turned it into $500 without touching my own money.. not even once.. so that was pretty cool.. For the parents with small children.... they have a "kids only" care center that my kids loved for a couple of hours... face painting.. games.. snacks.. It was great so that Dusty and I had one nice dinner out.. just him and me..
The only negative thing I can say is that the food is very expensive... so what we did.. don't laugh... we brought a suitcase filled with breakfast and lunch supplies.. I made breakfast every morning in our room and made lunch to take with us on our daily adventures.. We found a family style restaurant within walking distance from the resort and had dinner there.. the prices were much more reasonable than in the resort....Atlantis is a place that has to be's a link to their web page Atlantis Resort.
I can't wait to go back....soon..


Andrea said...

Wow...looks awesome.

Terry said...

Wow this is incredible.
We have been talking about the fun we had in Galveston at the moody Gardens last year and at the Aquarium in Houston,Now I can never think small again :)
thank you for sharing.
This is simply over the top.Fantastic fun !!!!!!!!!
I do like floating on an inner tube.I just love the water period .
Blessings to you.

Diane said...

take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muthering Heights said...

What a beautiful place!!


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