Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Movie Night

One of my favorite things to do is have Family Movie Night at home. We recently purchased a HUGE LCD HDTV with ALL the bells and whistles.. When we watch a movie on our new Blue-ray DVD player (it came as a bonus with our TV - aren't we the lucky ones) it feels like we are there participating... We can use any DVD and it shows better on our Blue-ray.. but when we rent a Blue-ray DVD from's a completely new experience... Better than going to the movies. We recently watched Spider man and let me tell you, I felt him flying between the buildings... I felt like yelling out yippee....but I did not want to scare the kids.
My husband the sports guy is IN LOVE... Now he can watch his favorite sport on HDTV - golf.. You can literally see each blade of grass on the course... Not only does he watch golf - he also watches baseball, basketball, and the Discovery Channel in HD - feels like you're swimming with the fishes and close to being attached by an alligator... this is amazing stuff...
So tonight I am going to put our newly arrived Blockbuster Blue-ray disc Get 50% off your first month with BLOCKBUSTER Online
and I'm going to pop some Kettle corn... get my grubbies on, crack open a diet coke, and snuggle with my family as we watch The Dark Knight...

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