Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kellly's Idea #17 Laugh Till It Hurts

Laugh Till Your Stomach Hurts

One of God's biggest blessings he has given us is the ability to laugh.. As babies we laughed out loud to the most fun things.... a silly face... a fun rattle.... a puppy licking our faces... As babies we found the joy in the little things in life... As adults - many of us have lost that joy...

Today I was sharing a story with my kids about the time I accidentally peed on my friend because I was laughing so hard... Sounds kinda gross but when you're thirteen not so much - didn't get her wet or anything... I jumped up in time... but nevertheless - it was the best kind of laugh.. Even today, this friend is still a very good friend and sometimes we reminisce about the good old days... by saying "Remember that time you peed on me?" Then we laugh ourselves silly again..

I remember my family - (sisters, mom, and dad) we were trying to take a group picture.. We were all joking about not blinking for the camera or making sure our eyes don't squint too much and all of sudden we just start laughing - the kind of laugh you can't stop and next you know everything else is funny too... those are awesome laughs..

But my all time favorite kind of laughing is the ones I share with my kids... Admittedly, I am a pretty silly with my kids and I believe they love the fact I can laugh at myself and laugh at them... My teenager likes to pretend she's embarrassed and the next thing I know she is giving her own... and that is funny..... I really enjoying the teenager smirks...most of the time.......
We have our little inside jokes and it is a great thing.. and I know we will remember them forever. And when I am gone to my home in the sky - my kids will remember fondly the jokes we shared when they were kids and adults... (I plan on hanging around for a long while)

So today and everyday, I encourage you to have that big fat laugh... The kind that makes me you almost pee your pants.....and if you do pee that's okay just change....

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Linda said...

Oh I agree! A good belly laugh is good for you!
I just love to watch "Funnest Home Videos" because it always gives me a good laugh....
I also think it's good to be silly and goofy! (I am a big silly goof- ball) People are way too serious these days.


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