Saturday, May 30, 2009

Supporting Our Troops - Advertising?

Everyday I get more and more concerned for our country.. Our country, "The Land of The Free".... Where our military men and women fight everyday to maintain our rights... our freedom.. our way of life.. So when a condo's homeowners association forbids a man from displaying military support stickers on his own vehicle, I got to wonder - Where is our country headed....communism? What is happening to our rights?
Frank Larison, a disabled veteran was told that he had to remove all seven of his Marine Corps decals from his car... Having served in the Marines for fourteen years - Frank was rightfully upset.. The Homeowners Association (HOA) said that the stickers violated the HOA rules of no advertising - and the decals are advertising the Marine Corp.... Are you kidding me?
If Mr. Larison does not comply with the HOA's ruling than they will tow his car at his expense!!! The board also said that they will fine him $50 for any future incident... The guy has been living there for over eight years and it's a problem now?
A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a board of fellow homeowners in a particular condominium complex... Usually it means that your lawn must look good, you cannot paint your home purple, and other simple things to make the complex look good and to help maintain its value... This particular HOA has a dictatorial HOA president and I can almost guarantee the guy will not be reelected... It seems it always takes one bad apple...
For now, Mr. Larison's hands are tied unfortunately... Courts usually rule in favor of the HOA. Lawyers like to call HOA's "Little socialist colonies" and they can be. I have worked with many HOAs through my business and some of the rules.... you have to laugh....
It is sad to me that supporting our troops... supporting our nation... - is offensive to some.... maybe they should move away.... I heard housing is pretty cheap in the middle east...


KC Mom said...

I'm shocked and disgusted. You're right...this is alarming.

Andrea said...

You have got to be kidding. I am appauled. My son is a US Marine and my husband's father died in WWII serving our country. The home owners association should be giving him special treatment for protecting them...rather than harassing them.
I better get off my soap box before I say something ugly.

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