Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kelly's Favorite Vacation Spot #3

One of the most beautiful states in America is Utah... The incredible red rock formations are breathtaking.. When looking at the sandstone, you can see years and years of time and pressure.. layers and layers of different colors... I have had the opportunity to visit Utah a few times and one of my favorite places I have discovered is Zion...
My family and I spent three days there and we should have allotted more time. In the town of Springdale, you can jump on the free shuttle and it will take you to all the shops, museums, and places of interest on the main street through town... The shuttle also drops you off at the main entrance into Zion National Park. For a small entrance fee, you can jump on the free shuttle (no cars are allowed) once again and take the scenic drive through Zion. There are many stops along the way.
Our first stop was at the very top of the scenic drive - called the Riverwalk... There is a mile long hiking path along the Virgin River.. where the trail ends is where you can begin your adventure walking in the famous Narrows.. The Narrows can be a very dangerous place to be at the wrong time. You would never go in there during a rainstorm or times of flash flooding... The Narrows is when the Virgin River runs along Zion Canyon and the canyon walls get closer and closer...and closer.. The Narrows is a must do when visiting Zion - it's the "wet" hike in the park.. Prepare to be wet from the thighs down.... be sure to wear good shoes...
The next stop was something else... we had just got on the shuttle for the next stop and a cloud burst wide open... being from California, I had never seen anything like it... it was amazing.. The rain was warm so I did not mind walking in it... As the rain started to slow down, we headed for the Weeping Rock... The Weeping Rock is a sandstone that water had been dripping through for over a thousand years.. we all got splashed with thousand year old water.. as we were starting our short but very steep hike we heard this incredibly loud boom.... all of a sudden about one hundred yards in front of us on top of the canyon came a newly formed waterfall from all the rain. I started to grab my kids arm and run for our lives but was told the water was going down to a stream below us and not to worry..... after the "surprise fear" it was a sight to behold...
There are many other things to see.. The Emerald Pools, Hanging gardens, The Court of the Patriarchs, and so much more.
My husband and the kids went on a real horseback riding adventure through the back country and came across perfectly persevered bones of a bobcat... they all thought that was cool..
I look forward to going back soon and spending much more time there

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