Friday, May 29, 2009

The Rotation Diet... Ths Time

I do not like the word diet.... It automatically makes me want to get a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough... But dieting is what I need to do... Healthier way of eating... yep Exercise aka torture is a given.... This week I have reviewed the many diets I have done.

Jenny Craig - okay tasting food... Not much to it.. Did not enjoy going in every week to talk to a stick thin girl who never in her entire life had an eating problem.. Pretty pricey.

Medifast - shakes.. gross soup.. different flavored shakes.. Not good tasting.. But what really turned me off was... (don't gag) I had left a cup with a little of the shake in our garage. There was an airtight lid on it... A few days later I discovered it and inside this airtight cup with a little medifast shake were about 50 little worms... I kid you not......EWWWWW

Optifast - You can have Five shakes a day - total calorie intake 800.. Go into a doctor's office every week for weigh in and blood pressure checks.. average cost $160 - 200 per week.

Nutri systems - One work YUCK ... Tried about 4 of their meals - ended up returning the 1 month supply of food and got my money back... They even messed up on the chocolate cake!

Weight watchers - I think this is a really good program... I did the on-line way and the group meeting way... Did not like the group meetings... I am too busy to listen to others complain... I might go back to this..... on line

Atkins - This was a really good program - I lost a great deal of weight... only to put it back on once I started eating carbs again..... I do love my bread, pasta, and potatoes..

The Rotation Diet by Martin Katahn is a good diet/way of eating. It teaches you portion control and it has you eating healthy foods from all the food groups. What can be difficult with this "way of eating" is the first three days of the diet... Calorie intake is 600 then it goes to 900 and then to 1200 and then back to 600 then 900 then 1200.... It is a 21 day plan that you can continue to follow.. It jolts your body to burn fat... and the food is not bad.. if you like a lot of tuna....

So I am thinking - I'm going to do The Rotation Diet this time...

Any suggestions?


Diane said...

i've never been on a diet and i'm not sure i could be on one. i have no will power whatsoever.

i'm honestly not sure how i even feel about diets. i've always said i'd never diet, but i've never been in the position to need to consider it either.

hopefully you are doing it to be as healthy as possible and not because you are displeased with your appearance. cuz i think you're fabulous - inside and out!

have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Thank you Diane... You are very sweet. Unfortunately, it is for health... border line diabetes and high blood pressure.. getting old sucks.. Have a great weekend, too!

Muthering Heights said...

Yuck...I hate dieting too! Best of luck!

Annalisa201 said...

I LOVE the Bob Greene "Best Life Diet" book... HIGHLY recommend it. I've lost about 20 lbs this year, though it's been a little slow and I'm highly active. But slow is the best way to go, I think, because it's healthy, less likely to gain back, and Bob Greene's plan is EASY... it helps you learn life-long choices that can easily be followed forever instead of temporarily.

I use the strength training workouts from "The Abs Diet" book, which has made a monumental difference in... everything really. I never did any exercise other than aerobic DVD's, but the results are amazing (15 min 3x per week is all! At home with 2.5lb dumbells! EASY!)

Another option that I loved was Alli (aka Orlistat). Very good online support, it's all about calorie and fat gram counting, and I learned a lot too. I lost 15 lbs in a couple months last year with Alli before the holiday season where I ate my way back up the scale (who doesn't during the holidays?).

Anyway- my friend Heather is hosting a "Fabulous by Fall" challenge, link on my page. We just finished a similar challenge and the gals in it are great support, if you're interested. Either way, good luck!!!


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