Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring In My Own Backyard

The flowers are coming out to say hello.. I love love this time of year.. Everything is kids...
I am looking forward to things to come... I love the sun..
I wanted to share my backyard... I have enjoyed looking at many of yours...
Warm Days to come and stay.... Waiting for my Plumerias to bloom.. I want to make a lei... Their smell is so sweet. When they fall off the bush, I like to put them in a crystal bowl of water and let them float and enjoy their fragrance and beauty.
Everyday is a I am going to have my summer very sweet..


Lorie said...

Those are beautiful! I wish I had something that beautiful in my backyard! We are lacking in the flower department!

jerriann said...

Hi Kelly, I love your your flowers, they are so beautiful and they are in YOUR backyard. My husband and I moved into the house we built last summer and I tried to hire a landscaping company but due to some personal problems they were having she never showed up, so now here we are and it is time once again. I am looking forward to getting my pots done and hang a few baskets around and stuff.

What a beautiful daughter you have. From reading your post your have more than one child so I am sure that they are all beautiful as well. I love the story on her doing the laundry. Great lesson for her. I remember those days.

Also, great post on getting a loan. I was a realtor for a while in Texas. I loved it. I was good at all the detail work that went into, I could cold call, list, find buyers, property ect. but . . . I was not very good at overcoming objections. So I was did not make a lot of money. I work hard and I work all the time but if you can't close the deal, well not paycheck. I knew it was due to my age as well and my personal level of experience. How do you sell homes when you haven't bought one yourself? But I learned a lot and I love houses. I think it is the decorator in me.

This is a really long comment and your blog, sorry. I just want to come by to say hi, and then I got inspired to write. I love to talk, can you tell.

Bye for now.


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