Friday, April 3, 2009

I Am A New Coupon Shopper

I have never been one to look for "deals" at home. I never looked for coupons in the newspaper ( I never read the paper), I never looked at the advertisements that come in the mail, and I certainly never used coupons or any form of discounts. Not that I am a snob or anything...I just never thought about it. I had always considered myself frugal... When I went shopping I would shop at less expensive stores, like Target... (read my previous blog about Target and get some great ideas).. I would buy things that we needed and if they were on sale..yeah So in my mind I was saving our family money....Now I know, I wasn't doing that great of a job. With the discovery of coupons, I have saved our family much much more. I have invested .55 cents a week to get the Sunday paper and Here are the coupons I have used this week:
Hefty $.55
ThermaCare $1.00 (a must have)
Max face product - buy one get one free $7.99
Colgate toothpaste children $.50
Kraft Mayo (2) $1.00
Kraft salad dressing Ranch $1.50
Tums (a must have) $1.00
Gogurt (2) $.75
Treetop applesauce (2) $1.00
French's fried onion (bean casserole yum) $.50
Oust air sanitizer $2.00
Fruit chillers (2) (my kids love them) $1.00
Pledge $.55
Windex $.75
Welch's grape jelly $.55
Energizer batteries $1.00
Playtex (a must have) $.50
All items are things I buy..not just because I have a coupon...

Total Savings on Coupons not counting Target's lower prices $22.14 This savings will pay for my Easter HoneyBaked ham, I have a coupon for $19.99....They are usually around $40.00! In addition to the coupon savings, I have found dinner savings: Prime Rib dinner for $13.99 at Black Angus. I also found out that Round Table Pizza has a Tuesday Family Night Buffet for $6.99 per adult and $3.99 for kids. This would be great for when Dusty is out of town on business and I just don't feel like cooking!

In today's hard economic times it's great to find some cut those coupons and read your advertisements in the mailbox!


Diane said...

you totally scored! good job!

oh and do i ever love me some honey baked ham!! can i come for easter dinner? lol

i've been thinking about getting a paper each week and clipping. with things the way they are now, it's kinda dumb not to.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I love honey baked ham too! Come on over, however, I think Detroit might me a little too far! Thanks for stopping by!

Terry said...

what a fantastic job ,
way to go .
I love thrift and fun together .Savings can be fun !
Have a happy Sunday.


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