Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hannah Montana Movie

I love going to the movies with my kids because they usually like the same kind of "chick flicks" I do... I couldn't pay Dusty enough to go with me.. If there isn't blood, gore, or something deep and disturbing than Dusty won't watch it. One of his favorite movies is "Leaving Las Vegas" that really depressing movie with Nicolas Cage. Cage won an Oscar for it but it was about a drunk trying to drink himself to death while he befriends a Las Vegas prostitute...way too depressing and deep for me. I like light and airy movies... or scary movies...but not too scary...Prom Date, I thought was entertaining...My all time favorite of favorite movies is Pride and Prejudice...I've watched it about twenty times and each time is like the first.. The romance of it...
I have a movie recommendation for those of you with preteens... and maybe some teenagers. The New Hannah Montana movie.. I know it sounds really cheesy... I can't stand the TV show.. but you know... This movie is really good. It has family values, good music, and a good story line.. It definitely won't be up for any Oscars but it's a warm and breezy kind of movie...where you walk out warm and fuzzy....and who doesn't like feeling warm and fuzzy???? My preteen soon to be teenager acted like she hated it but I watched her throughout the movie and she was smiling.... she tries to act sooo cool....but honey I am so on to you....
So, go see Hannah Montana movie with your favorite girl and eat some popcorn for me.

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