Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Going To Disneyland

One of the things I did this year that was a lot of fun was to take my youngest to Disneyland on her birthday. I took her out of school and spent the day playing with Minnie Mouse and going on rides galore.... It was a great Mommie and Kara day.. It was a beautiful February day where the weather was perfect. This special day landed in between two huge rain fronts. It felt like the sun came out just for us... and the million other people that was there too... We went in the middle of the week and the lines were not bad at all.. We went on everything...gosh what a day!
I love Disney's new marketing plan - Everyone gets into Disneyland free on their birthday in the year 2009... Thankfully, I have a niece who is in the parade so I was able to get a pretty good discount for myself..
You need to make sure you register on line at least a week in advance and then check your e-mail and there it is.. I ordered one for myself.. because on my birthday in November.. I'm going to Disneyland... by MYSELF.. why you may ask? Well,let's see... a day for me and me and yep for me... to shop in all the stores I always wanted to go in but I had the kids with me.. To go on 'It's A Small World' as many times as I want.. To sing Yo ho yo ho a Pirate's Life for me and not have anyone cover my mouth with their sticky fingers...
This is going to be so much fun... of course spending a great day with my beautiful daughter was wonderful and a memory that will last forever..but let's be real..sometimes it's nice to be on your own too.. at least for a little while


Diane said...

i love grabbing the kids out of school to do something just totally fun like that!

you are too lucky to get to go all by your lonesome! happy shopping!

Terry said...

Oh wow maybe you can go as my Birthday proxy ,
It sounds like so much fun!
You are a wonderful Mom.
Blessings and hugs.

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Hope to take my kids in 5years. I want to take them when they can take it in.


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