Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snail Mail A Friend....

Today I was thinking about how electronic our lives have become... Email, cell phones, texting... terms that were never used when I was growing up.. Now they have become an everyday thing.. Even the word Blog is silly when you think about it... No longer do I receive newsletter from organizations I belong too... It's all on their website.. Sending mail via "snail mail" is too slow and too expensive..everything is on the Internet highway...speed is the need.... no more taking your time... faster is better...your phone can check your email, take a picture, play your 100,000 songs,and probably cook your dinner.. if not cook it - tell you where you can get it with its Zagat.
Today I received a small envelope in the mail.. It was addressed to my family - in handwriting - honest to goodness writing - not typed.. it was in ink.. Oh boy, the anticipation of an honest to goodness letter... I can't tell you how excited I was... slowing opening the flap...unfolding the lined paper.... it was a bill.... from my brother in law giving us our half of the expenses to our place in the mountains...but he did have a post it attached.... Would love to get together for place? so I did get a letter sort of...
Today, I decided I am going back to the fine art of writing a letter or a note. Each week I am going to hand write a letter to a friend, relative, or someone and I am going to snail mail it...I'm going to lick that stamp... I'm going to put it in the mailbox.. I'm going to touch someone's life and let them know that they are somebody to me.... somebody worth licking a stamp for... somebody worth sitting down and writing a letter too... I want that person to see that white or blue envelope in their mail box and think.. Wow, a honest to goodness letter... with my name on it.. and it's in real handwriting with ink.....

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Linda said...

I have to agree..we are spoiled by technology..If I walk out the door without my Cell Phone I panic. Ten years ago I never even thought about needing a cell.

Snail Mail...I got a package from one of my blog friends, and it was like Christmas to me. Then one day I received a card from her...(my computer crashed, and she was concerned because she hadn't heard from me on my blog)
I was so excited to get that card.
I went out and bought a pretty card to send back to her.
Sometimes it's the little things like that that means more to me.

Maybe we should all start a "Snail Mail" Friendship thingy.. I would be right up there on top of the list! me something to think

Have a Great Day!


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