Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Discount Target Shopping List!

As you know, I love to shop at Target.... Yesterday I received in the mail my 10% off everything for a whole day card....Yipppeeee.... and I have a ton of coupons to add on to my savings... This is so much fun.... If you are not getting the Sunday gotta start... I tell you just gotta... Here are my deals for this shopping spree.....
Scott Natural paper towels $1.00 off
Scott Natural bath tissue $1.00 off
Glade plugIns buy 2 $1.00 off
Glade oil warmer buy one - get one free
Coppertone Nutrashield $1.50 off - great product
Coppertone product $1.50 off
Reynolds wrap $.55 off
Hefty waste bags $1.00 off
Pedigree dog food $1.50 off
L'Oreal mascara or any eye product $1.00 off
L'Oreal hip eye shadow, liner or mascara $2.00 off - Nikki loves this!
Litehouse bleu cheese dressing $1.00 off
Texas Toast $.50 off yummm
Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner $2.00 off - kid's favorite
ThermaCare (yes again - I'm old) $1.00 off
Lawry seasons buy 2 $.50 off
Grands Pillsbury $.30 off
Bryers Ice cream buy 2 $1.00 off
Energizer batteries $1.00 off
Kellogg's cereal any one box $1.00 off
Treetop apple sauce buy two $1.00 off
Star red wine vinegar $.50 off
Trail mix Crunch Cranberry Vanilla cereal $1.00 off - hubby will be so happy
Green Giant frozen vegetables buy two $.50 off
Bisquick $.60 off
Clorox Clean up $.75 off
Ziploc bags $.55 off
Pine sol $.50 off
All items above can be purchased at Target - Now combine Target with their everyday lower prices, my coupons, and my All Day 10% off Coupon my savings exceeds... - $33.25 savings!!!
Know what else came in this week's Sunday paper? Discounts for Knott's Berry Farm save $22 per person up to 6 people....Nikki wanted to go to Knott's for her 13th birthday in June and now we can! Savings for 4 of us $88!... and Boston Market - my favorite "fast food" has a buy one get one free meal this week....One night of no cooking.. Yeah for me! and one last thing. Pick up Stix has a buy one get one free entree.....I'm thinking I just might have to surprise one of my kids.. or both for a Pick up Stix lunch..hmm quality time together and saving money...What can a mom ask for?

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Muthering Heights said...

Whoo hoo! Time to go to Target!


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