Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family TV Night

I have learned as my kids get older the less we have in common on what we like to watch on TV. So when a show that we all like rolls around, I get really excited! American Idol is this time a round favorite show. To make the most of our "TV Family Time", we created an American Idol Contest... We each made a pick on who will win and we can't change it.....So far all four of us are in..okay, I chose for my husband...but his heart is kinda sorta in it...He really likes Simon... Simon says it like it is.. Anyway, I chose Danny Gokey because he's a cutie, has a good voice, and I just love the story behind him. His best friend trying out with him..Danny auditioned because his lovely wife who died wanted him to tryout.. the whole story sounds like a made for TV movie and it worked for me and when the movie comes out..I'll watch it. Kara my youngest also picked Danny with Allison a close second... Nikki likes Adam and so does Dusty - my hubby.
As the season has progressed. I am thinking that Adam will win. Man, that guy has a powerful voice and every week he brings it on....Danny is still sweet and I think he'll be one of the final two..
Last night was a good show...Allison shocked the heck out me..when she sang "I Don't want to miss a Thing" by Aerosmith...One word WOW and Adam Lambert sang "Born To Be Wild" by Easy Rider... He again showed why is so original...Love it. Danny was okay in my opinion..the judges seemed to like it though. He sang "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie..His emotion made me well up but the song...well...
So tonight - it starts in two minutes - I think Lil will be voted off the island....
We'll See..


Judy said...

I must say...that I LIKE Danny....but I THINK Adam is the most versatile/talented artist up there this year.

My dh detests this sadly, it's not COMPLETELY a family event for us...but he just happily goes off and reads while three of us watch tv together on Amer. Idol nights :) (It's so funny...because my ds, 12 gets SO annoyed when Paula Abdul stands up and dances, LOL)

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you!

I'm an American Idol fan as well, and Danny has been my fave since the auditions.

Muthering Heights said...

I too love ebay...I have found so many wonderful thing on there!

I have never sold anything it hard?

Anonymous said...

I agree! I think Adam will win. He's got something different and he never seems to hit a wrong note!


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