Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter

A while back I told everyone that this year we were doing something different.... we were not going to do the egg hunt but hide some bags with clothes...well the best laid plans. My playful husband decided late last night that he wanted to hide a "few" eggs. Total eggs hidden..166. Yes that's right for my two girls ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX EGGS.... In addition to the colorful "summer" clothes bags. We were up to almost midnight trying to find new and unusual places to hide the eggs... Kind of hard when you have ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX EGGS! The girls had a great time find the first 150 eggs.. I think the the remaining eggs just kind of lost their appeal....but this is a tradition that the girls do appreciate and I have a feeling they will pass to their own children someday. The girls loved their new summer clothes too. We had a great start to the morning..the Easter Egg and bag hunt and then going to Church to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What an Amazing gift. He Has Risen! HE HAS RISEN INDEED!


Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

Michelle Bentham said...

Love the idea of hiding the colorful bags... It's like a "shopping scavenger hunt" only there's a gift.

My dad would love this because he was always so practical in gift giving. If you were getting a gift, better to give a gift needed more so than one enjoyed.

Mother kept the balance, however, by giving us fun and beautiful things along the way as well...

Your chldren are blessed.

Happy Easter and thanks for chiming in at the Empty Tomb.


Judy said...

From the photo it LOOKS like the 150 eggs were plastic....PLEASE TELL ME that's TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Kelly's Ideas said...

Judy, you are so funny! All plastic...What is more funny is that my youngest found an egg from last year a few weeks ago..


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