Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My April Fool's Prank..

I became the victim once again this morning..... to my forty-six year old husband's sense of humor... He literally becomes joyful this time of year trying to think up original pranks to pull on his loved ones. He is so well known for his April Fool's style that friends call him on March 31st for ideas.. This time of year I get a glimpse of how my husband must have been at ten years old!

A couple of years ago...he set every single clock in the house and in my car one hour ahead. I woke up and looked at the clock...oh NO....jumped out of bed , woke up the kids with a we are really late "let's GO", gave them a pop tart to eat in the car, money for lunch. a robe over my pajamas, and out the door we ran.... I arrived at their school and no one was there except the morning daycare. I walked into the daycare and look around and asked the worker where was everyone...She knew my husband..she started to laugh and she said oh noooo, Dusty got you good today...It's 7:15 am....April Foolsssss!!!!

Last year, I caught him trying to sneak my car out of the garage to hide it around the corner, another year a fake spider fell on me when I put down the visor in my car..and the pranks go on....You would think the practical jokes would only stay confined to April 1st...But oh nooo...., my life is filled with unexpected joys and jumps at every turn...

This year he out did himself....This morning after I got dressed I went to my closet to find a pair of shoes to wear. Granted my shoes are not neatly arranged.. I kind of throw them in the closet and there's a big old mess... but usually I can find one pair on top. This morning I could not find one single, I have to organize this closet. I sit on my bottom and start pulling out my shoes...I own about fifty pairs.. still looking for a pair. Now every shoe is out..Not one pair to be found!!! HE STOLE ALL MY RIGHT SHOES!!!!! I had only had left shoes in my closet!

Here's hoping your April Fool's is a good one!


Terry said...

Oh my I'm still laughing while trying to wipe the tears away.
So I think I'll just let them flow and enjoy myself.Hope things got better and your right shoes put back in their place.
I love a good laugh .I never seem to come up with anything this creative.
One year my Father-n-law pulled a good one on my Mother-n-law .He removed all the forks from the drawers knowing she was going to have a lucheon at her house .We were all in tears before she finally got wise that it was after all April first.Yes she did get him later.
have a blessed day.

Lyndon said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I really had a great laugh, thanks for sharing those April fools stories. Maybe next year, its time for your revenge.

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