Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing In The Pool and it's Cold Outside!

Okay, my kids have officially become nuts.. The sun is out and it's 10:00 AM and it's beautiful outside but it's 65 degrees it feels warmer but it definitely isn't 80 degrees and the pool is 72 degrees I just checked. So here I sit with my sweatpants, fuzzy slipper, and sweatshirt and wishing for a warm day and then I hear SPLASH and a Hugh laugh... My kids think it's summer and I caught them in action....What a great pretend it's hot outside and we need to cool off....


Alaska-womom said...

Beautiful pool and girl! I am not thinking 65 sounds too cold.

Terry said...

Hi Kelly
Blessings to you and yours today.
I wish we could jump in our pool but it is still too cool .For me anyway.
There is a lady bug smile award for you over at ladylibertypatriot
if you get a chance to drop by.
Have an awesome Sunday filled with love and laughter .


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