Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Happened To Human Decency?

Okay - I have some issues with Kate and Jon Gosselin... Mostly with Jon... The couple who sold their children's rights to privacy to reality TV land - Parents who are so self absorbed that they don't bother to think about the irreversible damage they are inflicting on their kids... Couples get divorced - I get it.... But most couples don't sling their everyday trash and affairs for the world to see.... One day these poor children are going to see what a mockery their parents have made of their family.... their sextuplet and twin births... They are going to see how their parents sold them out for a nice house? More traveling? More girlfriends?

What really gets my goat is Jon's public display of affection and "love" for the daughter of the plastic surgeon who did Kate's tummy tuck - does this not sound like a soap opera.. Jon declared his love for this twenty-two year old girl, Hailey Glassman - you're suppose to forget the fact that he was hooking up with several other women during his "relationship" with Hailey... He even stoops so low as to have her spend the night in the house with his eight (8) children - HE STILL MARRIED!!!!!!! The divorce is not complete... the kids are still getting used to daddy and mommy not living together - still he brings home Barbie??? Jon has told many reporters that Kate is the reason for their marriage's demise...... The guy has been sleeping around and bragging about it - before he and Kate were separated.... he is shoving his "new" sex life down everyone's throat - and it's Kate's fault?... granted she is not someone I would befriend.... but a marriage takes two... geez

What is more sad to me is that Kate and Jon seem to thrive on the publicity - they seem to be very eager to tell their side of the story... and TLC seems way too early to air it... What happened to privacy? Protecting your family? Waiting until the ink dries before declaring your love for a girl you've known for two minutes...? What happened to human decency??


Jessica said...

Both of them really disgust me, but Jon seems to be in the lead right now for the most gross. I think it's shameful how wrapped up they are in themselves, Jon with other women, still doing that show, grabbing as many freebies as possible. Those kids are so sweet and fun, I hate how all of this must be affecting them.

Breadwinner Wife said...

Jon has somehow made himself out to be the bad (or worst) guy in this situation. Even if initially it was Kate who initiated the divorce, it appears they have two different PR advisors, and Jon needs to get a new one.

When Kate talks about needing to continue the show for the income, I sort of understand - the couple hasn't worked real jobs in years, and after all the scandals, who would hire them? It is a twisted situation.

Heart2Heart said...


It is so sad to see this story continue on TLC. This is something that should be handle out of the limelight and once things are settled perhaps renegotiate another deal.

Yet again, the fact that so many people continue to pick up tabloid magazines and continue to watch their shows only feeds the greed on both sides.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Crystall said...

I completely agree with you here Kelly. And, both Jon and Kate say that they do not want their children drug through all of this mess. But, that is exactly what they are doing! Jon is simply thinking of himself (and possibly payback) by bringing Hailey over to spend the night. It is horrible and selfish to do that to his children.


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