Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unusual So. Cal. Summer

This has been a very odd summer in Southern California... Typically in June we have the "June Gloom" this year it lasted a few days... not the entire month as it usually does.... July came along and the temperatures hit in the 90's a few times but for the most part a warm not hot July -averaging around 78 degrees.... Now August is usually the killer month.. hot hot hot.. This year August - was pretty chilly - many days of overcast skies - cool breezy nights and one day I actually had to wear pants in the evening.... You need to be aware my definition of chilly and someone that lives in place that has the white stuff called snow may disagree... chilly in my world is hovering in the mid 50's at night.... But today August 26 at 4:30 PM - it is 92 degrees - there goes my chilly evening... no pants tonight for me..

Another unusual thing that is happening this year is the bugs... We have ant trails in the backyard like you would not believe.... they are also coming in my house looking for something to eat... they found the dog's food bowl last week... There was a trail that came out of a electrical socket in my office wall - went around my cabinets - behind my door - across the tile - into the bathroom - and into my dogs bowl... No kidding, I have never seen a trail like that before.. Makes my arms and legs itch just thinking about it... and the hornets.... I have counted 7 hornet nests along the roof line of our house - one nest was too high too shoot the poison on so at dusk - I got our hose and boy they really got mad..... I am sure I looked like a lunatic every time I dropped the hose and took off down the street -


Andrea said...

Things are abnormal here in Virginia, too. We have lots of bugs, too. I have to stay away from the bees/hornets. I am very allergic.

Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


We too share that problem here. No matter how much we spray the critters just find a new way in. I guess it's not there fault they were truly here first.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Nancy said...

It must have been very funny seeing you running away from the wasps. I take it you weren't hurt. I hope you get rid of the little critters.


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