Thursday, August 20, 2009

Losing Weight With Diet -To-Go

I have been on a gazillion diets - seriously.... and so far I have not allowed anything to work... I had enjoyed many years of being healthy and thin... Food was not a big deal... But somewhere between 28 and 35 years old - I became hungry... I don't know what triggered it... I really don't care - but I need to be satisfied... I need to stop eating all crap that I do... I love cheese - bread - cookies- ice cream - Mexican Food..... I am not a fan of salads - lean meat - fish (yuck) - good for me food.....

I have been on Jenny Craig - did not like the counselors - too skinny and have no idea what it's like to be a fat woman...

I have tried Weight Watchers - but I am not a meeting kinda gal.... in person or on line

I have tried Optifast and Medifast - both diets - got tired of drinking my way to thin-hood.

I have tried Nutri-system - the worst food known to man - double/triple yuck!!!

I have tried Atkins - and it did work for a while but got tired of meat and protein..

I have tried the Rotation Diet - this is a great diet - but hard to cook just for me when the family has no desire to eat plain food...

I am forty-three years old - almost forty-four - I need to lose over 100 pounds to be in the over-weight category - funny, I weighed 104 lbs on my wedding day - and wore a size 2 dress.... it was so easy then... Today, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and last time I was checked - I was one point from being diabetic ... Changes in my life have to be made... they have to be made NOW... not tomorrow... not next week.. but NOW

I have recently come across Diet-to-go. This is a diet that food is delivered to your home.. The food is prepared daily - so the food is fresh and yummy. There is no calorie counting... no carbohydrate counting... Each meal is custom made for you..

Diet-to-go has been around since 1991 and has delivered 1,000,000,000 meals to homes across the US... Check out the site - by using the hyperlinks or the advertisement to the right...

If you like to get started right away like me - then click this link and Save $20 While You Lose Weight!

Starting September 30th - I will be posting a diet update on my journey and would love to hear your story - with the September post, there will be a mcklinky so you can link your story


Jennifer-A Quest for Cents said...

Never heard of this diet. Hmmmm I will be reading closely to see what happens.Thanks for all the great posts!
A Quest for cents

Heart2Heart said...


This is something I have never heard of before, and will definitely be checking this out as well. Thanks for the tip!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Alaska-womom said...

Hi! Did you say Cra...? You are always a surprise. I am switching your blogs on my blogroll so I can highlight one of your other awesome blogs--again--how do you do it?
Anyway, it sounds like a good diet. I have been doing
it is free and I can track my nutrition--sure I can check calories, but I like knowing I am getting the proper nutrients. It must be my nursing clssses kicking in. Anyway, 11 lbs. down and I learned that I don't tend to get enough vitiman E. Keep us posted, you can do it!


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