Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting The Message Across

One of the best ways to get your message across is to wear it. I personally love customized-t-shirts that says what I am feeling on a certain day... Telling the world what I support... What I love... What I love to do.... It's also a lot of fun to get matching food t-shirts... Recently - I went to the Melting Pot - this is a little restaurant that cooks everything in pots at your table.... My girlfriends and I decided that next time we go - we are going to skip the dinner portion and go for the chocolate fondue.... Wearing one of these shirts - would be fun, don't you think?

My sister is one of the millions of people who suffer from MS this spring on April 10th - she along with family and friends will be walking in the National MS Society Walk Event - wearing a t-shirt that makes people aware about this dreadful disease is another way to get the message across... There are so many causes out there that need our help.. . Breast cancer... Organ donation.... just to name a couple..

According to T-shirt on Wikipedia - a t-shirt is an excellent way to express yourself - to get your message across.. We live in a country where Freedom of Speech is promoted... So go visit www.CafePress and find your voice.... or your chocolate...


Andrea said...

Hope you are having an awesome day.

Carol said...

Sometimes Kelly I think you have to step out in faith...turn things ready for the adventure that God has for Wild at Heart. Funny I think John Eldridge is from Colorado?? Wish you the best as you & Dusty & your pilot (JC) on this trip make the decision!


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