Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Own Your Blog Name

One of the things I did when I first started blogging was create three different names I liked and bought the Internet address from and I am happy I did. For many reasons - the main reason is I get much more traffic to my blogs and the second reason is that when I tell friends and family about my blogs I only have to say the titles and not the "blog spot" part - it's easier to remember and understand.

When I tell others about my blogs I say come look me up on Kelly's Ideas
or you can find me on Amazing Salvation and last but not least look for me on I've Become My Mother. You may ask why three blogs... and the answer is simple. I have a lot to say on lots of things..... and I like it! makes it very easy to own your name for a very low price. I paid $10.19 including tax to own my titles and I have Go Daddy feed to my blog spot...

As many of you know I own a mortgage loan processing business. I tried creating my own web page and it turned out pretty bad. I did not have the knowledge to make it look professional and to get traffic to my site.. I went to and was able to work with a design team to create what I want and they host it. I bought my name for the site The Contract Processors for $10.19 and paid less than $600 to create and service my site. The great thing is I am getting traffic and I am getting qualified leads and clients...

** Please note - I paid for the rights to the name for one year but I will upgrade it for a much longer time... I like my names and I'm keeping them. You can own your name today - click on any link and have some fun!


Heart2Heart said...

This is super interesting. I thought the domain names were so much more.

My daughter is starting her own photography business and jewelry making business in the fall so this may be an option for her to begin some serious leads.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Linda said...

That is interesting Kelly, and something I'm going to check into.
Thanks for sharing!



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