Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disneyland Premium Passes For Us!

I am having a great time this summer with the kiddos! I told you a while back that I was getting the 3 day hopper pass for Southern California residences.... well I upgraded to the the Porche.. the Mercedes of Disneyland passes.... The one the only Premium Pass with no blackout dates.... yep no blackouts!!

What's great about this is I don't feel pressured to go on everything every time I visit... The first day - we arrived at California Adventure on a Sunday around 3:00 in the afternoon - headed right over to The Tower of Terror and guess how long the wait was??? Fifteen minutes!!!! Not the hour and half I feared.... I thought it was a fluke... total luck but the the next time we went .. fifteen minutes... after the ride we headed over to the main street in California Adventure to get good seats for the Pixar Parade to watch my beautiful niece Lindsey perform as an Incredible Girl... We've seen her twice in the parade this week...

Last Thursday we headed over to Disneyland around 5:30 PM to get seats to watch the new Fantasmic Show near Tom Sawyer's Island.... It was crazy.. people save their spots with towels and blankets around 4:00 PM - I had no idea! We were lucky enough to squeeze between two families and get a good seat on the hot pavement.... The show started at 9:30 PM - crazy but I love to watch people and there are a lot of people to watch.. funny... Oh, I forgot to mention.. my niece, Lindsey is in this show too!! She's an incredible dancer and Disneyland just wants her everywhere!!! This show she was a blue gorilla with a hot pink belly dancing on a raft then later she was a pirate in a sword fight on a Pirate Ship, and last but not least she was Pluto on the big Paddle Wheel boat.... After the show, we watched an explosion in the sky with Disney theme music playing in the background....

Last Sunday we were in California Adventure.. and walked right on the California roller coaster - the big one... no wait.. It is strange that there are many people walking about but not many on the rides... and I think that's just fine!


Heart2Heart said...

Ah to dream of those premium passes! They are simply the best. We had our family get one of those and the rest we upgraded to deluxe because with premium you get all the restaurant discounts and shopping discounts along with free parking.

Perhaps one day in the future again!

The great thing I love is one you buy them you can renew them when they expire on a month to month payment plan instead of all at once.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ModernMom said...

Oh my gosh what a great way to spend the summer. Dipping in and out of Disneyland! I've never been! (DisneyWorld yes)
Love the pictures and I'll be back to read more!
Thx for stopping by my place!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like you are having a great time this summer. Love your pictures.


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