Monday, March 7, 2011

18 Weeks To Go Till We Go East

So last night I was in the family room surfing the net on my IPAD while studying for my broker exam, watching TV with the husband, and chatting with the kids.. I was looking for things to do on my Mom and Daughters East Coast trip of a lifetime this Summer.... So far - I have DC planned... Lots and lots to do - Very excited... Still working on the NYC things to do list.... And last night I found a tour that my kids would LOVE... My oldest daughter is into paranormal stuff.. AND I found the ultimate tour - Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour in Salem, MA.. It's a night tour - which is perfect!!!! We will most likely take the Cemetery tour also - that tour is in the daylight... I am calling to today to make sure it still is open for business -Wish me Luck!

Only 18 More Weeks To Go.....

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Michelle said...

I LOVE the east coast-you'll have so much fun. I was in Salem, MA, for Halloween one year. That was one interesting experience. Along with the spooky creepy parts of the town, it also has beautiful historical architecture. Have fun!


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