Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Braces Time

It's time for the kids to get pretty teeth... I'm sure they will be happy.. in about 2 years... We started this "adventure" last March but the husband had been laid off and now he's back to work and Now the torture fun begins...

I had no idea how much goes into getting braces on.. And of course the girls are now hearing from their friends that it is a painful process.... I was hoping that they would learn on their own that there is nothing to it.... Easy for me to say - I never had braces...

Nikki - Treatment is as follows...
1. Place comprehensive edgewise orthodontic appliances supported with a transpalatal arch to align teeth properly.
2. Removal of primary tooth #C - I'm thinking this won't be fun...
3. Surgically uncover the maxillary right cuspid #6, direct bond bracket and attach gold chain (huh?) to assist in orthodontic forced eruption... ( I really don't like the way that sounds... forced eruption... ouch...)
4. Utilize a facial orthopedic appliance with a high-pull headgear to correct/improve Class II dental and skeletal relationship.... (high-pull?)
5. May need a temporary orthodontic anchor screw(s) to facilitate leveling and alignment of the teeth.
6. Later, will need to remove the 3rd molars due to lack of adequate space for their eruption and function
7. Placement of maxillary and mandibular retainers at the completion of active orthodontic treatment: to be worn full time for 9 months, then reduction to part time - wear indefinitely... as in like forever?

Kara's treatment not so intense...

She has the same as Nikki EXCEPT the tooth removal... the surgical removal with the fancy gold chain... nor screws... I'm guessing she's a little luckier..

In the End they will both look more Fabulous!!!!


Susan R. Mills said...

My daughter and son got braces at the same time over two years ago. My son got his off this past summer, but my poor daughter, a junior in high school, still has hers. She's not too happy about that, but she is excited for the end result.

Thoughts forever said...


Landed in your blog when i was searching for some thing on google..Braces would be painful at the initial stages...I had them on for two years...It will be good after a month or will get used to them and when they actually remove you will feel the other way round..


Together We Save said...

My youngest has braces.... they can be very painful!!


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