Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On A Quest To Lose Some Poundage...

I was married on February 11, 1989... On that particular day - my waist was 21 inches.. I weighed 105 with my clothes wet... I wore a size 2 in most clothes and I thought my thighs were fat.... Now several years later... let's just say.. I'm not that size any longer... Not even close.... About 16 years ago I became hungry and my appetite hasn't gone away... and neither have my thighs..... not by a long shot!

You never really know how big you are until you see a picture of yourself with people you thought were fat and you are the biggest one in the bunch... or when you go to the movies and both sides of the seat are pressing down on your sides... Then you know it's time to do something.... It's WAY past time to be doing something.... so Here goes...

I am taking my girls on an adventure this summer - we are flying from sunny California to Washington DC, Manhattan, and Boston... We are going to spend over 2 weeks exploring American history... and walking... and walking.. up hills... down hills... and the state my body is in right not - it'll kill me... especially if you throw in the heat and humidity that the East coast is known for in the Summer time... well you get my point.

I spoke to a nutritionist about Slim Fast and she said that it's one of the healthiest and fastest ways to lose weight... She said that the shake has all the vitamins and minerals I really need but to make sure to add fruit and vegetables to my menu.... Yesterday was day 1 and I made it - wasn't too sure if I would... Around 11:30 PM - the leftover pizza from the girls dinner was calling my name or was it the caramel topping.. I'm not sure... but instead of indulging - I made a cup of hot tea and went to bed......

Yesterday's menu consisted of:
2 shakes 190 calories each
2 slim fast bar snacks 120 calories each
1 banana
lean cuisine spaghetti dinner around 300 calories
total intake: 900

I plan on adding some exercise into my daily routine... walking and the Wii... I'll keep you posted...


Susan R. Mills said...

I did Slim Fast after my last child was born. It totally works. Funny story, though, my husband got up to fix the baby a bottle and grabbed the powdered Slim Fast mix instead of the formula by mistake. It didn't kill the baby, but I almost killed my husband.

Joanie said...

I did Slim Fast after I had my son and lost 35 lbs. Then I got pregnant again and have been struggling ever since! THAT baby just turned 20!

Popcorn Served Daily said...


I hear you! I don't need to get on the scale to know that my thighs are big!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment about Goodwill. If you are ever in the Phx area let me know, we'll hit the Goodwill's together!

Take care,


Together We Save said...

Oh my word that picture.... shocking.


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