Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Night Out at Colton’s

Guest posted by Angel Ricardo

My family and I have made it a habit to treat ourselves every Thursday night to dinner and a movie. We have done it for five years now and there is not a restaurant in town that we are not familiar with. We all love food and we make a joke about how we are the town's food critics. Each one of us have a very eclectic sense of taste. If you can please all of us, you can please anyone.

When Colton's steakhouse opened in town we were all relieved to see something new. We all got ready, set the home Security Choice security alarm, and we were off. It was amazing to see us all get so excited over a new place to ea t.

When we arrived were were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere. The food was even better than I had expected. We even found something on the menu that my eight year old would actually eat. The prices were not all that bad either. All in all we were very pleased with our new dining adventure.

Colton's has now become our new favorite place to eat. We usually choose to go there over anywhere else in town. Every time that we go back they have something new to offer. I hope to see more place like this open in the near future that are nearby. Hopefully, this will happen soon before we wear out the menu there.


Heart2Heart said...


Sounds like a place I will have to check out as a local of CA too! How is your hubby's job hunt going?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Together We Save said...

Sounds wonderful!! I would love to have a family movie night!


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