Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer "Chores"

This is the first summer where we are staying home.... No big road trips... No exotic destinations.... just a good ole fashion summer - the kind I had as a kid.... boring.... yep - really boring.. So, I thought if my kids are bored then they will come in my office and bug me.... and then I'd yell and then no one would be happy... so I came up with a plan... do you hear my devious wheels turning??? Let the "Chores" begin...
  1. Sand and repaint all of Nikki's bedroom furniture to make it "new" again.
  2. Sand and varnish two tiki's in the back the backyard.
  3. Garage sale....
  4. Clear out closets and drawers
  5. Make picture albums - creative style
  6. Pull all the weeds around the pool area
In addition to "the chores" which I know they will love... I have told them I want both of them to read two books this summer... good thick ones... I love to read... Nikki has the passion but Kara would rather stare off into space.. or bug her sister... and if they still have time on their hands - I can always visit The Learning Store and get homework for them to do.....

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