Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kelly's Idea # 111 Keep A Journal

Over the years I have written in many journals... Journals as a teenager - when I knew everything... Journals as a young woman - when I knew nothing... and Journals as a mom - where I am learning.. everyday....

I find that I love my journals today.. They can be great revenge for my kids later... just kidding.. I won't be one of those moms that brings out the naked baby pictures of my kid or tell boyfriends about the time my daughter did ..... at least not on the first date... My goodness.
Reading through my previous journal entries over the years it amazes me how much my kids have changed... how much I have changed... how much Dusty has changed... and how much my faith and trust in God has grown.

Psalms 71:17 Oh God, You have taught me from my youth; And to this day I declare Your wondrous works.

There are so many things that you don't want to forget about your children, your life, and anything that can be special on any particular day.. I also use my journal to talk to God... to some it may sound silly - but I can tell you that it has brought me closer to Him....

Fast forward twenty years from now - your child is getting married and you want to say something unique and endearing as a parent about your child's youth..... Don't you think the journal would be great for times like that and think about the legacy you will leave behind.... Your children... your children's children will have an opportunity to remember you and to know you...

An entry from an old journal of mine: January 17, 1983 - Mark has asked me to the prom.... That is so funny it's months away... buying a red dress and he is going to wear a black tux with a red cumber bun. I am going to Millikan's prom and my prom.. wonder if I'll run into Karen?

Over twenty six years later and I remember the joy of being asked to the prom by my first love. A happy memory..

Another old entry: February 22, 1996 - We are going to have a baby girl. The birth mom's name is Cindy she seems very nice and shy. She is going to send pictures of her other 3 children. I was so nervous and after about five minutes it felt right.. I am shaking all over... Finally - I am going to be a mom... The baby is due May 23.

Now my beautiful baby girl is my soon to be thirteen year old delivered two weeks late.... and has been my love.... my heart... and will be forever..

One last entry: February 19, 1998 - just came home from a major forty eight hour life changing journey. Our new daughter Kara was born last night at 5:45 PM just two hours after our plane landed. Dusty helped deliver her - the doctor did not make it. She's so tiny only 5lb 4 oz..... she was exactly 23 hours old when we boarded the plane home today.... she squeaks like a mouse and so very beautiful Lois and Darrel have Nikki tonight - I wonder what she'll think of her new sister?

Now my tiny and beautiful girl is still tiny and beautiful and very strong.. she is 11 years old and is the best cuddlier in the world... I have two huge loves... two girls that own my heart.. and will forever....


Denise said...

Such a great idea sweetie.

Tara said...

i'm a journal writer too... i love writing in my journal, but i love going back and reading my old entries. great post!!

Andrea said...

Amen..I have been journaling since I was very young and I have them all or most of them on a book case in my room. I cherish them, too.
Blessings, andrea

Alaska-womom said...

I love that idea and thanks for the encouragement.
Beautiful post.
Back when I was good at journaling, I kept a running log of things I was grateful for at the bottom of each "post." This was good for my attitude on the difficult days and great to help me see the good days even more clearly.

Chris said...

OK. Let me dig up a good recipe! I keep a recipe journal of sorts as well. Once I've tried it a few times and get it the way I want it I then move the recipe to my real recipe book.


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