Saturday, March 28, 2009

Target Shopping Advice

Last year I took a job at Target. Why you may ask... I thought it would be fun to play cashier. After three months of having feet that were so sore I couldn't walk and dealing with a few very rude people, I quickly decided that it was not for me! I did however , gain a new respect for the cashiers at Target or any store for that matter. Next time you talk to a cashier be nice and give them a smile..

I love shopping at Target. Their prices on many items are much lower than regular supermarkets. I buy all my paper products, hair products, cleaning supplies, makeup, prescriptions, yogurt, kids' snacks for school, and much more. They have everything you need for your home and family. Clothes, decorations, DVDs, CDs, electronics, toys, and school supplies..

There are many things I learned working at Target. The inside end caps is usually where you will find great deals...20% up to 80% off on things from beauty products to towels and sheets. If you go into the clothing areas, in the back you will find racks with mark downs from 30% - 70%. If you are making a purchase of $100 or more get a Target Visa card...You get 10% off on the entire purchase...If you shop at Target often, use their card (pay it off each month - high interest) because for every $1000 you spend you get a coupon in the mail for an entire day of 10% off.

A big thing I learned at Target was coupons are good...they are very good. There were people that came in with coupons galore and they saved a ton of money on things I buy everyday! I had never paid attention to coupons in the past. I always threw them away. Not anymore. With Target's low prices, throw in coupons, and my 10% off coupon and I got a HUGE savings!I get the Sunday paper just for the coupons. Last week I saved $22.78 just using coupons...that's without the 10% coupon.

In these hard economic times, it's a good idea to save money where you can...If you have shopped at Target or used coupons...give it a try...I'm sure you'll be happy you did.

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