Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Light..... Halloween Dark

Part I - Halloween Light

Church - We participated in the annual Harvest Festival and provided a Trunk or Treat - We opened up the back of our car - We had a dice game to win prizes and candy... There were six bags and each bag had a prize - Bag 1 = pencils... Bag 2 = puzzles.. Bag 3 = Chinese puzzle.. Bag 4 = a plastic jewel ring.. Bag 5 = tattoos.... Bag 6 = Blow pops... The kids loved it - There were a couple little ones that would jump right back in line.. Very fun - This is part I

Part II - Halloween Dark

I love scary - our neighbors put on a haunted house in front of their home every year - the past two years - the husband and kids have participated - It's funny - You can hear the screaming all the way down the street... The haunted house was so popular you could see tons of people walking towards the house- reminded me of the movie Dawn of the Dead - Spooky... This is Part II

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