Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comparison Cell phone Shopping Made Easy

On my daughter's thirteenth birthday, my husband and I decided to get her a cell phone. I went to several different cell phone stores - AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and some other names that I can't remember... Every store I went to had a line - I had to wait 32 minutes just to ask a simple question. What frustrated me the most was the fact the sales person could not answer my simple question - I wanted a plan that was cheap but could get my kid unlimited texting and a enough minutes to call me each month if she needed to .. The sales person gave me a generic mock up of fees with a bunch of add -ons... I wanted a simpler answer... I am too busy to stand around and I was getting pretty ticked off... I ended up buying her a pay as you go phone - and ended up paying double what I would have spent if I had just gotten her a plan...

As you know - I am the ultimate discount shopper - Anything that can save me money on the things I need - I'm there... Anything that can do the comparison shopping for me even better.... One of the best sites I have found for cell phone plans comparison is Bill Shrink is not affiliated with any one company so their comparisons are unbiased. The service is free too!

You really can find the cheapest cell phone plans on Bill Shrink - You answer a few questions about what you want in a cell phone plan and next thing you know - you have is a laundry list of different providers and their prices.. The average customer savings is $1500 - seriously... I know I can go a major shopping spree with that kind of savings...

One the great things about Bill Shrink is that the company does not make money unless we save money... How many companies can really say that? Bill Shrink has been promoted on CNN and ABC. The end result after working with Billshrink is that my daughter and I have a new plan with T-Mobile - 2 phones - 600 minutes - unlimited texting - free T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling and I have Internet on my phone... oh and we both got new phones to boot.. My husband has a company phone so we did not need to add him on.... Next year my youngest will turn thirteen and I am guessing -I'll be checking out Billshrink again...

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Heart2Heart said...


Thanks for this great information and I can't wait to try this and see if there is anything better out there for us than what we have. We too have TMobile but some times the coverage isn't all there.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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