Monday, November 23, 2009

Kelly's Christmas Tip #1

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday and I know it can benefit you too... I was going through the Sunday morning coupons and sales and ran across a sale at Target. Target had the IPOD classic 160GB on sales for $245 with a $20 gift card - this is my husband's dream machine - it holds up to 40,000 songs - who else has 40,000 songs except for my husband - Mr. "I still love the 70's and 80's music and my CD collection is busting out the seams". So I decided to drop by Target after I went to Best Buy to check out their laptops that they had on sale...

Best Buy still had the laptop so I decided to buy it for me... well actually - I bought it for my husband to give to me for Christmas (he hates to shop and I am guaranteed getting exactly what I want, ha) so I was talking to the cashier about the sales and do I really want Windows 7 when I just got used to Windows Vista.. I mentioned that I was heading over to Target to get the IPOD - she asked me what the sales price was - I told her - She looked at me with a little doubt and proceeded to go to Target's website - and the sale was not on their site... She said that maybe they could match the price but the site was not showing the sales price.... I told her I had the ad in my car - she asked me to get it.. I did....

Not only did Best Buy match my price they even went lower.... They gave me a base price of $229 and a gift card for $20 - bringing the price down to a net of $209 - vs my original net of $225!! I was thrilled!

Kelly's Christmas tip #1 - Bring the ads with you when shopping and see if the competition will beat the price... In today's economy every little bit helps.. Oh, please don't tell Dusty what I got him... it's a surprise...

Do you have any tips to share?


Heart2Heart said...


These are great tips, even if you don't have the ad, if you can print off the website information, most will honor that as well. Today, competition is working out well for us consumers!

Great deal you got!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Diane said...

you got yourself a BARGAIN!!! good job! your hubby's gonna be really happy to get that!

ModernMom said...

Wish I had a target up here!

Holly said...

Great tip. I have heard of this but never acted on it...I should it could save a bundle.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Beth Dunn said...

That is amazing. WE love ipods and target! xoxo

Joanie M said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

That's a great tip! Good going on the discount!


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